I think a lot of us have been agonizing over our voting choices because we know what a huge difference they can make. Some of the issues people raise at Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) forums, such as Teacher Retirement System policies, aren’t things that SBOE determines, but SBOE members can voice the concerns of teachers. As a teacher myself, I understand the viewpoints of our public-school teachers. If people are wondering who to choose for SBOE or other races, I would recommend looking at the League of Women Voters Vote 411 guide.

View this video on the League of Women Voters’ Vote411 website or on YouTube.

For SBOE, you can see my answers in comparison to my opponent’s answers. I believe voters will find my answers more complete, detailed, and backed up by facts about the issues. My experience with teaching, curriculum development, and educational issues has spanned three decades, and I am a researcher and writer who recognizes what students can learn and how teachers should be free to teach the subject, not teach to the test. I believe my experience, training, contributions and expertise align closely with the demands of the State Board of Education. In addition, I have been working hard for a seat on the board for over a decade now, making progress with each election because of the relationships I’ve formed with District 5 constituents. This is the year when we have a real shot at winning, and I am prepared to hit the ground running, after attending meetings, following and researching board issues for all this time. I have the vision, experience and passion to transform the State Board of Education. I hope you’ll help me win in 2020!

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