How’s Our Climate?

Even as a child, Thea Bell-Metereau felt saving the Earth was one of the highest goods.

When our daughter Thea was little, I used to tell her we recycled, conserved and reused water to save the Earth. One day, she was watching Superman on television, and the villain did something bad. Her response to his evil deed was, “That is not saving the Earth.” I laughed, a proud Earth mother. On Earth Day I was thinking about how we can repair our climate—not just our global warming climate, but our social, political, and economic climates. We see growing divides between different racial and national groups, young and old, rich and poor. We must find common ground and cooperate to close these gaps and heal the wounds in our social fabric and our planet.

I’m running for House District 45 (Hays and Blanco counties) to give everyone a fair chance for a good life. I’ll work for affordable health care, fair tax laws, and government transparency. I’m a public servant by nature. That’s why I served as a Peace Corps teacher and interpreter for Air Force grain flights in Chad. It’s why I helped initiate city recycling in San Marcos and promoted a bond that built a new library and bike lanes. As a professor and Special Assistant to the President of Texas State University, I led a team to raise student retention, developing the Residential College and international studies. After a Fulbright fellowship in Senegal, I became a Planning Commissioner, protecting neighborhoods and the San Marcos River.

The Texas legislature started requiring investor-owned utilities to generate power from renewables back in 1999. Texas is now the nation’s wind-energy leader.

Education is key to improving our climate. I’ve been teaching for three decades, helping young people get a great education and find fulfilling work. Representing District 45, I’ll support education, women’s rights, affordable health care, a vibrant economy, clean air and water. After serving in local government to protect our environment and neighborhoods, I’m ready to work as a legislator to help save this corner of the Earth called Texas, one law at a time.

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