Your Choice: This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

Texas is experiencing democracy in action, witnessing the massive March for Our Lives taking place in cities all over the state and country, in uplifting and moving expressions of grief, outrage, and determination, organized mainly by young people and children too young to even vote. The world is riveted and inspired by their example, and some are embarrassed that we haven’t acted sooner and more forcefully to stop school shootings and follow the “well regulated militia” proviso of the second amendment. Republican politicians are quaking in their boots, caught between the tide of public opinion and the power of overlords who pull their strings with money and threats of losing endorsements from the NRA. The young people protesting this corrupt system represent new faces in “what democracy looks like.”

I came away from the Hays County Democratic convention excited by the prospect of representing these wonderful people.

Meanwhile, others are participating in county party conventions across the state and forums for run-off elections. I attended Hays County both as a candidate and as a delegate, to elect representatives for the state convention and vote on resolutions. I was gratified and not surprised to witness how carefully everyone listened to the wording and intent of these resolutions. A few caused some controversy, because people were carefully considering the meaning, language, and possible unintended consequences of these resolutions. Most were quickly and easily voted unanimously, but for a few we had some lengthy discussions. I came away from this meeting excited about the prospect of representing these wonderful people, learning about their views and choosing the legislation that mattered most to them and to me: expanding Medicaid, eliminating unfair policies and discriminatory practices, supporting teachers and schools, and leveling the playing field for workers and taxpayers. It was a room filled with enthusiasm, idealism, faith in humanity, and a powerful belief in the young people out protesting to make our country saner and safer for everyone.

Now the League of Women Voters and Democratic clubs in Hays and Blanco Counties are gearing up for run-offs, giving voters a last chance to decide on candidates. As a teacher, I hope voters will do their homework and look carefully at everyone’s background, experience and qualifications. Our choices matter, and we must pick the most qualified people. We cannot squander this opportunity to join the blue wave sweeping the nation in race after race. I am the candidate for Texas House District 45 who can win in November!

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