Obnoxious Politicians?

A letter to the Austin American-Statesman urged readers to boycott “obnoxious” politicians for invading your privacy: “If you receive an unsolicited call or text from a politician, withhold your vote from them.” I don’t know who “solicits” calls, but I have run for office, and I know politicians have no desire to invade your privacy. Neither do other people who help with campaigns. Each time a volunteer screws up the courage to make an unsolicited call to encourage you to vote, it is for the public good.

Lucky me! My husband, Pierre Metereau. With out him, I’d just be Becky Bell”!

Most candidates want to improve government and accomplish goals they believe in. It is a privilege to run for office, but it takes a toll on families, who may barely see the candidate for days on end. I am so grateful to my husband, Jean-Pierre Metereau, for being my steady rock, there to feed me and say, “There, there,” when I need it. He knows I’m doing what I think is right, and he never complains about my long hours away from home. Yesterday was one of those long days, starting with a clean-up of the San Marcos river and ending with a meeting of the Texas Faculty Association, where I served as a delegate. I was so honored when this organization endorsed two candidates for the primary: Beto O’Rourke and me.

Like the San Marcos River, the Texas Capitol needs some cleaning up to be all it can be.

Texas ranks 46th in voter turnout averaging about 55% over the last four presidential elections. Democrats in Texas are working to improve these numbers, with initial counts showing 406,302 Democrats early voting in this primary compared to only 352,963 Republicans voting early. This is good news, but it is Tuesday, March 6, that will decide the outcome. Everyone must step up to make this happen, even if it means making an “unsolicited” phone calls to Democratic voters to encourage them to vote in this crucial primary. If we all work hard and are willing to be brave (or obnoxious?), we can and will turn District 45 blue in November!

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