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Vote for Rebecca in the Democratic Primary Runoff on May 22nd!

The Democrat who can win
Our state legislature is in danger of being dominated by extremists. Rebecca knows our community and has consistently outperformed expectations in past campaigns. This primary, we need to choose a candidate who can win. That candidate is Rebecca Bell-Metereau.

A Leader in Our Community

An award-winning educator, Rebecca is a lifelong advocate for students and a community leader. As our representative, she will protect public education and our local schools. She will take a stand for our environment and work to make sure every Texan has access to quality health care.

AFSCME Local 1624, Austin Area Central Labor Council—AFL-CIO, Communications Workers of America Local 6132, Education Austin, Texas AFL-CIO COPE, Texas Faculty Association, Texas League of Conservation Voters, Texas State Employees Union, Texas State Teachers Association, Texas Women Rising, #VOTEPROCHOICE

If you are registered to vote in Hays or Blanco County, you can vote for Rebecca for State Rep. in the May 22nd Democratic Primary Runoff even if you didn’t vote in the March 6th primary!


  • Printing and mailing to five hundred voters: $375
  • Fifty yard signs: $125
  • Three hours of block-walking: $60
  • One hundred campaign brochures: $25

Your donation helps Rebecca reach more voters and makes a difference. Thank you!

Or mail your check payable to Rebecca Bell-Metereau Campaign to:

PO Box 425, San Marcos, TX 78667


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  • Award-winning educator: professor of English and film at Texas State University for more than 30 years
  • Proven Democrat: three-time Democratic nominee for State Board of Education who consistently outperformed expectations in 13 counties
  • Community leader: consensus-builder and listener who served on San Marcos Planning & Zoning Commission and other volunteer boards
  • Dedicated to public education: volunteered in San Marcos Public schools; both daughters public-school graduates
  • Committed environmentalist: helped bring recycling and bike paths to San Marcos