Re-elect Rebecca Bell-Metereau
  • Rebecca Bell-Metereau serves on the Texas State Board of Education and represents District 5 in central Texas. She is a Democrat running for re-election in the November 8, 2022 general election.
  • Rebecca strongly supports public schools. Her Republican opponent supports using public funds to pay for private-school vouchers.
  • Rebecca is a dedicated teacher and an award-winning professor of English and film at Texas State University.
  • Rebecca is dedicated to providing Texas schoolchildren with a 21st Century education. That includes teaching factually accurate history, science and sex education.
  • Rebecca is committed to reducing our over-reliance on high-stakes testing.
  • Rebecca works to ensure that our $46 billion Permanent School Fund is invested wisely and used solely to improve public education in Texas.
  • Rebecca’s husband, Pierre Metereau, is a Vietnam veteran and retired teacher. Their two adult daughters attended and graduated from San Marcos public schools.

The State Board of Education sets policies and standards for Texas public schools. There are 15 members, each elected from a district. Rebecca Bell-Metereau is running for re-election in District 5 — redrawn by the Texas Legislature last year to reflect population growth — which includes Bastrop, Blanco, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Hays and Travis counties and the Austin portion of Williamson County.


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Rebecca Bell-Metereau is the real Democrat running in District 5. She is seeking re-election for the Texas State Board of Education. Her opponents in the primary are backed by out-of-state charter school companies that siphon away our tax dollars

Rebecca has been endorsed by major newspapers, parents’ and teachers’ organizations, labor unions, Annie’s List, and more than a dozen Democratic groups. We can trust Rebecca to stand up for the educational needs of the 5 million Texas school children who attend public schools that are managed by locally-elected school boards.

San Antonio Express-News

In the Democratic primary, incumbent Rebecca Bell-Metereau, faces two challengers … But, once again, we recommend Rebecca Bell-Metereau, a film professor at Texas State University, who has earned a second term.

Bell-Metereau has worked to improve curriculum, often speaking up to represent interests of students of all backgrounds.

Bell-Metereau is concerned about efforts to censor books in school libraries in Texas and history curriculum not being inclusive. And she opposes the high-stakes nature of STAAR and is “scrupulous” about charter schools because of the funding that is taken from public schools.

Austin Chronicle

After running four times in 10 years to finally land this seat on the board that tries to edit everybody’s textbooks, Bell-Metereau has been rewarded in redistricting with an easily defendable Democratic district including all of Austin. Our progressive community has never really had this much power to lift the SBOE’s heavily conservative … hand from the necks of Texas children, and we think the incumbent is best positioned to use it.

Texas State Teacher’s Association

“Rebecca Bell-Metereau teaches English at Texas State University in San Marcos and also directs the interdisciplinary media studies minor, which she developed. She has earned reelection to the State Board, where she is working to curb the growth of corporate charter schools and adopt curriculum standards based on facts, not politics.”

— Ovidia Molina, president, Texas State Teachers Association

Rebecca Bell-Metereau is endorsed for re-election by

Annie’s List • the Austin Chronicle • Austin Environmental Democrats • Austin Tejano Democrats • Austin Young Democrats • Bexar United Tejano Democrats • Bexar Barrio Tejano Democrats • Black Austin Democrats • Capital Area Progressive Democrats • Central Austin Democrats  • Education Austin • Hays County Tejano Democrats • Liberal Austin Democrats • North by Northwest Democrats  • Northeast Travis County Democrats • Pflugerville Area Democrats • the San Antonio Express-News • Senate District 19 Tejano Democrats • South Austin Democrats • Stonewall Democrats of Austin • Texas AFL-CIO • Texas Parent PAC  • Texas State Teachers Association • University Democrats (U.T.)

Vote for Rebecca in the  March 1 Democratic Primary!

Early voting now through Friday, February 25

Or vote on election day March 1 from 7 AM to 7 PM.


Dr. Rebecca Bell-Metereau, a dedicated teacher, serves on the Texas State Board of Education and is a Democrat running for re-election in the November 8 general election.

Rebecca and her husband, Dr. Jean-Pierre Metereau—a Vietnam veteran—believe in service. After receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Indiana University, they taught in Peace Corps Chad and translated for U.S. Air Force grain flights. Completing doctorates from Indiana University, they joined the faculty at Texas State and Texas Lutheran universities. Rebecca was Visiting Professor at the University of Oklahoma (1997), and Fulbright Scholar in Senegal (1999-2000).

As a community leader, Rebecca has volunteered in the San Marcos ISD and served on the San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission, a Blue-Ribbon Bond Commission that funded a new library and bike paths, and a Solid Waste Task Force that helped initiate curbside recycling in San Marcos. She was secretary, treasurer, and president of her HOA, representative to the Council of Neighborhood Associations, and secretary of the Hays County League of Women Voters.

Rebecca is devoted to education, research and writing. She developed and now directs the English Department Media Studies Minor and served as Special Assistant to the President (1995-97) for student retention. She has published four scholarly books, 32 essays and book chapters.

Rebecca’s daughters graduated from San Marcos High School; one works as a nurse at Mission Hospital in Asheville and the other directs environmental grant development at MIT. Teresa S. Hobby, former Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby’s daughter-in-law, is Rebecca’s campaign treasurer.

Upon re-election, Rebecca will represent voters in Bastrop, Blanco, Caldwell, Guadalupe, Hays and Travis counties and the Austin portion of Williamson County.